Signs of the Times!

August 12th, 2016
This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’
December 5, July 14, July 24, July 26, August 4, and August 5, 2016. Those are some of the most prominent, but just a few of the dates that Islamic terrorism struck Europe.

Not the U.S. Not the Middle East. Not Africa. Not South America. Not Asia. Just Europe.

And just this year, which is barely half over.

No, you’re not imagining it. Terrorism is increasing around the world. And increasing rapidly.

According to the nonprofit investigative group, Project on Terrorism, deaths from terror attacks have increased 800% since 2010. It reports that the number of deaths increased from 3,300 per year in 2010 to more than 30,000 per year today. That is massive.

When terrorists entered a Catholic church in a town in Normandy, France, during mass on July 26 and slit the throat of the priest as some of the nuns were forced to watch, perhaps Europe started to wake up.

Both the Archbishop of the diocese and the Cardinal in Paris finally articulated the obvious. This was the act of Satan. And those who choose to follow that path are in Satan’s grip. The Cardinal suggested that Islam worships a “Moloch.” That’s a reference to an ancient demon god whose worship included parents burning their own babies as sacrifices to him. Of course, the offering of children by Muslim parents to die in Allah’s cause is an obvious parallel.

The Cardinal shocked the media with his absolute political-incorrectness! But he spoke the truth!

Maybe we’re finally beginning to summon the courage to do the same here in America.

Andrew Bieszad is a graduate of the venerable Hartford Seminary with a master’s degree in Islamic Studies. Hartford is a Congregationalist seminary. The famous American preacher, Jonathan Edwards was a Congregationalist.

Writing for the National Association of Scholars, Bieszad warns that American religious academia “…has refused to question Islamic teachings, and has thus become a participant in promoting Islamic orthodoxy at the expense of academic integrity.”

And he’s talking about America’s religious universities and seminaries!

Even Pope Francis adamantly refuses to admit that the ideology and theology of Islam has anything to do with the terror and chaos it is wreaking on Europe and the world. Instead, he attempts to equate Islamic “fundamentalists” (terrorists) with Christian fundamentalists (conservative Christians).

Pardon my French, but that is pure stupidity. (Or maybe devious deception.) Christian fundamentalists don’t lop off the heads of people who disagree with them. But for those who want to reject Christ, it makes a great excuse.

On the other hand, that’s pretty much what the Koran demands.

Of course, the world’s press absolutely loves the Pope for saying it because they believe Christians are as dangerous as Muslims.

Folks, the Bible teaches that a coming world religion will draw people from all faith traditions into a new spiritual unity. They will adapt old creeds to a new orthodoxy. It will be one that eventually centers on the worship of Antichrist.

The true believers of Jesus Christ need to wake up and take a look at what’s happening in our world.

Speaking of noticing what’s going on. I have some amazing news for Christian believers who are washed clean in the blood of Christ. God ain’t mad at you!

For those of you who have accepted the atoning work of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary, yet walk around daily waiting for the other shoe to drop, stop it!

The “propitiation” of Christ’s death has set you free. It turns away the wrath that God feels toward the curse of sin. It conciliates and reconciles you with a pure and holy God.

It means that God is not mad and you can rest peacefully in your relationship with Him. His justice is satisfied because the perfectly righteous man, Jesus Christ, took the wrath of God’s offended righteousness and justice in the place of all men. You are free to rest in the security of His salvation and to live in the joy of His forgiveness.

God wants you to be powerful in Him (we’re going to need that power to face what’s coming) and that requires that you trust in His saving grace.

This week, I’m going to draw from my book, Amazing Grace, to tell you how to rest in that grace.

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God Bless,
Hal Lindsey
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