Israel, Hatred, Lies and Deception!!

May 27th, 2016
This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’
Every year on college campuses and in cities around the world, thousands of people take part in an exhibition of propaganda called “Israeli Apartheid Week”, or IAW. Its organizers say, “The aim of IAW is to educate people about the nature of Israel as an apartheid system and to build Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaigns.”

First, the word “apartheid” literally means “separateness.” It was a specific name of a specific policy of a specific nation – South Africa. It lasted from 1948 until that nation renounced it in 1994. It was a government-sponsored system that wrongfully restricted the rights of South Africa’s citizens based on race.

Israel is nothing like that.

Benjamin Pogrund was a journalist in South Africa for 26 years. He covered the South African apartheid issue and its demise.

He wrote, “There’s no comparison between Israel and apartheid. The Arabs of Israel are full citizens.” Then he goes on to describe the scope of participation that the Arabs of Israel have in the life of Israel.

He said they have the vote. They sit in the Knesset. They sit on the nation’s highest court. They lead departments at hospitals and universities. They command brigades in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). He noted that Jewish and Arab babies are born in the same delivery rooms, their mothers recover in adjoining beds. Jews and Arabs travel on the same public transportation. “Universities, theaters, cinemas, beaches, and restaurants are open to all.”

But then Mr. Pogrund addressed the real purpose behind “Israeli Apartheid Week” and the “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions” movement (BDS). He said its intention is to undermine the whole nation.

He wrote, “The obvious aim is to have Israel declared as illegitimate a state as was South Africa and hence open to international sanctions. And even more, at least for some, to deny the validity of its existence.”


The BDS movement is NOT a peaceful attempt to improve the lot of Arabs in Israel. Instead, it is a devious, malicious, and violent effort to invalidate Israel and eventually destroy it.

Keep that in mind as you watch the sympathetic coverage of BDS and Israeli Apartheid Week in the mainstream media.

But IAW and BDS are not isolated phenomena. Rabble-rousing is the new favorite hobby, and sometimes full-time job, for an entire class of self-proclaimed “culture warriors.”

Witness this year’s presidential race. For the first time since 1968, a great deal of social unrest has centered on the presidential campaign. It has been mostly fueled by the promotion of Socialism (one of the most violent and oppressive political movements in history) by one of its remaining candidates.

And with the rise of issues like illegal immigration, Ferguson, transgender restrooms, and organizations like Black Lives Matter and the LGBQT lobby, that’s a dangerous recipe for disaster in America’s near future.

And, as happened in the 60s — or maybe as a result of what happened in the 60s — it is finding fertile soil on America’s university campuses. Whereas the 60s saw the birth of the “Free Speech Movement” in places like UC Berkeley and across the country, we are now witnessing the death by strangulation of Free Speech at most of the institutions of higher learning in our nation.

Violent attempts — yes, violent — to stamp out the rights of free speech and assembly for any students who support Israel or who express a conservative political or Christian viewpoint are occurring weekly on campuses across the United States. And now, the ones who want to restrict free speech and the expression of differing political views are beginning to turn their rage upon the police and security personnel who are trying to protect those rights and assemblies.

In fact, we are raising a generation of wimps and whiners who can’t bear the thought that someone, somewhere (especially on our major college campuses) might disagree with their liberal, anti-Israel, anti-America, anti-God, or deviant sexual behavior beliefs.

But those same chauvinistic, cavalier, and cynical attitudes are not found only in America’s universities. You can find them on full display in the White House.

And I’m not the one saying it. The people in the White House are crowing about it publicly.

Recently, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes just couldn’t take the anonymity anymore. He was bursting at the seams. He simply had to tell someone what a powerful and clever guy he is. So he told David Samuels at The New York Times Magazine.

In a long, rambling interview, Mr. Rhodes bragged about how he and his accomplices in the White House had duped the gullible American press corps with the notorious Iran Nuclear Deal. And he seemed to take a great deal of pleasure from it.

What he didn’t say, but what he really meant, was how easily he and his boss and his co-conspirators had duped the American public on the merits of the deal with Iran.

And the fact that he would brag about it on one of the most visible platforms in America means that he and his boss believe the American press and the American public and the American opposition are too stupid or too lazy to do anything about it.

Sadly, I believe he is correct.

We have been duped and we apparently don’t care. Yet.

But one day, we will.

Finally, this week I want to discuss with you the difference between “power” and “authority.” Specifically, spiritual power and spiritual authority.

There is a HUGE difference. And once you understand the difference, I believe it will revolutionize your spiritual life.

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God Bless,
Hal Lindsey
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