The Islamization of Europe

Is Paris a Warning?
By Hal Lindsey

On Wednesday, January 7th, radical Muslims attacked the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical French weekly. As of this writing, ten members of the newspaper staff have died, along with two police officers.

Why did the gunman slaughter a group of mostly cartoonists? Because they occasionally drew caricatures of Mohammed.

France has a long tradition of satirical journalism, going back hundreds of years. Charlie Hebdo has been around since 1969. They make fun of all religions including atheism. They ridicule both right-wing politicians and left-wing. Do they show good taste? No! Their slogan is “dumb and nasty.” But when did bad taste become a capital offense?

Sadly, Wednesday’s attack surprised no one. In November 2011, the paper put a cartoon image of Mohammed on its cover along with the title, “Charia Hebdo,” a play on their name combined with “Sharia.” The cartoon Mohammed says, “100 lashes of the whip if you don’t die laughing.”

A couple of days after the images were released on the Internet, the paper was firebombed. It has been on al-Qaeda hit lists for years, but it never backed down. Editor Stéphane Charbonnier, known as “Charb,” famously said, “I would rather die standing than live kneeling.”

Charb died in Wednesday’s terror attack.

On this website and on The Hal Lindsey Report, I have repeatedly warned that the ongoing Islamization of Europe will change everything that Europeans hold dear. Free expression is already under attack. Who will write honestly about Islam if it means death to the writer or his loved ones?

The stifling of speech about Islam is happening in the United States, too. A key element has been missing from news coverage of the attacks. Where are the pictures that caused the uproar? On several occasions Wednesday, CNN showed photos of Charb holding up controversial versions of the newspaper, but CNN conveniently kept their own graphics over the actual images from the paper. Those images are clearly a big part of the story, but who can blame media outlets for leaving the pictures out their stories? They have families, too. Nothing’s quite so chilling to free speech as the threat of torture and death held against you, your co-workers, and their families.

On January 5th, 18,000 Germans marched against the Islamization of their country. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel told people to stay away from such rallies, saying the anti-Islamization leaders have “prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts.”

She gave humanitarian reasons why Germany must accept refugees from Muslim nations, saying that many are immigrating in order to escape life-threatening situations. “It goes without saying,” she said, “that we help them and take in people who seek refuge with us.”

Her argument applies in a few cases, but, in general, it’s a cop out. Her Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, laid out the real reason for the mass immigration of Middle Eastern Muslims into Germany when he said, “Slogans can’t change facts: Germany needs immigrants.”

In France, Germany, and all across Europe, people are no longer having enough children to sustain their countries. They use their wealth to import other things they need. Why not import people as well? But people are not like electronics or food. People tend to carry with them the social habits that in many cases made their former countries so unbearable.

In this case, they bring something dark and hateful. A religion. Islam. And all it takes for the immigrants to become radical is for them to start taking the Koran literal. The radicals are not getting their ideas out of the air. Their practices are clearly in the Koran.

And growing numbers of Muslims are beginning to take the Koran and the Hadith literally. The Majority of the Non-radical Muslims are being intimidated into a deafening silence. The western nations need to wake up to the fact that World War 3 has been declared by radicalized Islam and need to deal with it for what it is.


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