January 9th, 2015
This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’
In the last several months, I’ve received more questions than ever before about why America seems to be collapsing morally. I think the vast majority of us who were born before 1960 are shocked by the accelerating decline we see in our nation.

Most of us can honestly say that the America of today doesn’t even resemble the America into which we were born.

But the greatest threats to America’s survival are not external, they come from within: The degeneration of our Judeo-Christian moral and spiritual fiber; the disintegration of our cultural and religious institutions; and the destruction of the core foundation of any society — the family.

To understand the magnitude of the collapse the United States is facing, it’s essential that we understand that there are certain foundational pillars upon which all successful societies are built. And they’re not simply man’s inventions. These pillars are designed by God.

I call them “Divine Institutions” and they are all under tremendous attack by Satan and his followers.

A ‘Divine Institution’ is a fundamental principle God ordained for the preservation of the human race. It may be a custom, a practice, a relationship, or a behavioral pattern of importance in the life of a community or society.

I believe God designed these ‘institutions’ to benefit all human societies, to produce the best chance of happiness, and to insure their survival. These ‘institutions’ were not given just for the benefit of those who know the true God, but for all mankind. History confirms that to the extent any human society practices and preserves them, it is strengthened and preserved.

This week, I’ll discuss the vital roles some of those ‘institutions’ play in the stability and survival of our nation. I will look at how these pillars of society are eroding and, in some cases, being forcibly destroyed by the spirit of anti-Christ in America.

In view of the animosities on the rise between various groups within our nation and the lurking dangers evidenced in the recent terrorist massacre in Paris, the decline of the very institutions that make possible a peaceful, stable society should be of urgent concern to every Christian and every citizen.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

mail: HLMM, P.O. Box 470470, Tulsa, OK 74147


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