There will be no peace in the middle east until the prince of peace returns to establish His peace!

May 2nd, 2014

This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’

I’m no brain surgeon. I’m not even a rocket scientist. But I can usually tell when something is dead. And the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks are dead.

Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestine Liberation Organization are making certain of that. When the PLO and Hamas recently announced that they are entering into a “unity” deal and forming a unified government, they drove a stake through the heart of the monster.

Even the U.S. State Department had to reluctantly acknowledge that Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with a partner that refuses to recognize its right to exist.

I’m sure, though, that the Palestinians would argue differently. They would say, and do say, that they’ve recognized Israel’s right to exist. However, that “recognition” was given only by implication and in non-official ways. And now, the PLO is aligning itself with a notorious, recognized terrorist organization that has vowed loudly and long NEVER to recognize Israel’s right to exist and NEVER to rest until it no longer exists.

And at just the moment you think that maybe western leaders are coming to their senses, the loose cannon explodes. Secretary of State John Kerry just won’t let go. He is bound and determined to nab that Nobel Peace Prize — just like his buddies Carter, Gore, and Obama — no matter the collateral damage. (Don’t you know that really rankles Bill Clinton?)

It came to light too late to be included in this week’s program, but Kerry’s recently leaked remarks to the Trilateral Commission in which he fantasizes that Israel is on the road to becoming an “apartheid state,” just shows that he’s still trying to ratchet up the pressure on Israel among the world’s movers and shakers.

The scripture instructs us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. One thing that events in the Middle East confirm is that as long as man is in charge, there will be no peace in Jerusalem. So when we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we’re actually praying for the ‘ultimate’ peace for Jerusalem. And there is only one who can bring that peace — the Prince of Peace.

Meanwhile, back at home, remember when America’s university campuses used to be teeming with young people standing up to the establishment? I do. I was there working on campuses across America as an evangelist for Campus Crusade for Christ.

Those were heady days — and not just because of all the pot smoke in the air! Among the students challenging the system and the government, there was a sense of purpose and invincibility. They pushed the envelope and felt it was their right to do so. Nothing was sacred. Nothing was off-limits. Anything and everything was accepted or tolerated.

Fast forward 40-plus years. Those anti-establishmentarians are now the establishment. And, boy, are things different! Their “tolerance” has given way to intolerance. Their celebration of contrary opinions has given way to their determination to quash those differing opinions.

Recently, at the University of Connecticut, a student group staged an outdoor event in which they distributed leaflets protesting the teaching of evolution and supporting creationism. A campus evangelist also shared the Gospel from atop a wooden box to anyone who wanted to listen.

Apparently the audacity of anyone on a university campus not believing in evolution was too much for a prominent anthropology professor. He launched into a two-hour rant in front of the students. He screamed in their faces. He “preached” to the gathered students about the idiocy of creationism. He tried to lead them in chants of, “Praise Darwin!” I think he missed his calling. He should have been a street corner preacher!

No actual harm was done, but the episode illustrates the state of our nation’s secular universities. They are no longer “free thinking” or “free speech” zones. The multicultural and Darwinian establishment that runs America’s educational system is much more tyrannical than the “establishment” they once fought.

What’s even more ironic is that most of these teachers, professors, and administrators oppose the presence on their campuses of any form of Christianity. Yet they worship regularly at the altar of Darwinism — which is as surely a religion as any they detest.

Over in Europe, the spiritual vacuum that has come to characterize the Continent has drawn into itself every wicked human attempt at fulfillment to be found on our planet. Though the established church holds legal sway in many European countries, and is often supported by tax dollars, the church actually serves the State. So those nations are officially Christian, but their most dynamic growth is among Muslims.

That’s why we’re seeing the explosion of “Chrislam,” which is a blending of Christianity and Islam. Though the Bible teaches us to love our “neighbors” — even Muslims — it also warns us NOT to compromise the Bible’s essential truths. In fact, to do so is blasphemy.

That’s what inspired Heidi Mund to risk humiliation and condemnation — even her life — to stand up for Jesus.

Last November, Ms. Mund attended an “interfaith” concert at the Memorial Church of the Reformation in Speyer, Germany. The church is a beautiful cathedral built to honor Martin Luther and the Reformation.

During the concert, a Muslim imam was introduced to give the Muslim call to prayer. As he began, Ms. Mund, who was sitting in the balcony, stood to her feet and began to cry out: “Jesus Christ alone is Lord of Germany. I break this curse!”

Someone nearby yelled to her, “This is a concert for peace!”

Ms. Mund responded, “No it’s not! ‘Allahu Akbar’ is what Muslims scream while murdering people! Don’t be fooled! Don’t be fooled! This is a lie!”

As you would expect, security personnel threw Ms. Mund out of the concert. But before she went, she called out the words that Martin Luther made famous at his trial for heresy in Worms, Germany. She cried out, “Here I stand. I can do no other.” Then she shouted, “Save the church of Martin Luther!”

Now, Ms. Mund is known around the world as “The brave German woman.” She’s become a symbol of resistance to Chrislam and compromise. She is also the target of death threats by radical Muslims. But she says she’s not worried, “…the living God of the Bible can protect me for as long as He wants. When my time is over, I’ll go to Him.”

The Apostle Paul gave a charge to young Timothy: “Do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord.” (2 Timothy 1:8 NASB). Let’s follow the example of Heidi Mund, “the brave German woman,” and loudly proclaim the truth of God’s Word to the world.

If we don’t, who will?

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey


3 thoughts on “There will be no peace in the middle east until the prince of peace returns to establish His peace!

    • Thank you my friend! I’m glad you like the posts! I read, “The Late Great Planet Earth” by Hal Lindsey in 1974 and it changed my life! All the Bible Prophecies about the last days are all happening right before our eyes! I really believe that we are the generation that will see Jesus return to earth! God Bless You! ~~~ Rene

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